Our Brand Promise - Care Forward

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Care Forward is both a belief and a promise.

Care Forward is a belief that health is fundamental to individual achievement and societal advancement. That when people are healthy they not only live longer, but live better – and do more. And that the investment we make in better care today will result in a better, healthier tomorrow.

Care Forward is also a promise, our promise, that we make to the millions of people we touch each and everyday. To truly understand their needs and to put that understanding to use by helping people stay healthy, and get healthy – as quickly and comfortably as possible – when they are not. To improve the industry as we strive to improve ourselves – positively impacting the access, quality, and consistency of care for individuals and communities around the world.

We have always put care first. But care can not stand still. Today, we are moving forward as Halyard, to do our part in advancing health and healthcare, for our patients, our customers and society at large.

Because we believe that we can make a future with better health and healthcare a reality for all of us.

Halyard. Care Forward.