Press Release: Halyard Health Forcefully Rejects Allegations Regarding Safety of Microcool Gowns

Medical literature confirms there has never been a report of an individual contracting an infectious disease due to a strike-through.

Total complaints by doctors and nurses claiming strike-through total less than one in 1 million gowns.

ALPHARETTA, Ga., May 2, 2016/PRNewswire/ -- Halyard Health, Inc. responds to 60 Minutes recently aired story regarding Halyard Health’s MICROCOOL gowns that is a rehashing of a class action lawsuit filed in 2014. At the center of the story was a test conducted by a competitor in 2012. The story included no new information, but left the false impression that the gowns pose a safety risk. As the evidence confirms -- and counter to the claims made by the plaintiff’s attorney and 60 Minutes -- MICROCOOL gowns have an exceptional record of safety and efficacy.

Since 2010, Halyard Health has sold more than 58 million MICROCOOL gowns without a single complaint of personal injury due to a failure in barrier protection. Beyond the company’s own data, there has never been a reported infection due to barrier failure by any health organization or medical journal. In the story, 60 Minutes acknowledged that the risk associated with a strike-though is "exceptionally low."

The feedback the company has received from doctors and nurses has been overwhelmingly favorable. The documented complaint rate with the gowns is fewer than one in 1 million gowns sold. Halyard Health voluntarily supplied 60 Minutes with company tests related to the MICROCOOL gowns and engaged with 60 Minutes because it strongly believes in the efficacy and safety of MICROCOOL gowns and strongly disagrees with the allegations raised in the litigation. The company stands behind all of its products, including its MICROCOOL gowns, which account for approximately three percent of Halyard Health’s global sales.

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Dave Crawford
Halyard Health, Inc.

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