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Enteral Feeding
Kendall’s an outstanding athlete, a figure-skating champion and allergic to just about every food there is. She’s thriving thanks to the MIC-KEY* Feeding Tube.

Enteral Feeding

For patients who need to receive nutrition via enteral feeding, liquid nourishment (and medication, when needed) is delivered by a tube surgically inserted into the stomach, intestine, or, for some patients, both.  Enteral feeding is required when a patient has a functioning gastrointestinal (GI) tract but cannot get enough nutrients by mouth and becomes at risk for malnutrition.

But what about those who enjoy being physically active? For them, an ideal choice is a feeding tube that is difficult to dislodge, allows freer movement and is easily concealed under clothing, such as the MIC-KEY* G Feeding Tube. MIC-KEY* Feeding Tubes go hand-in-hand with an active lifestyle.

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Introducing the digital and social world of MIC*/MIC-KEY* Feeding Tubes. The links below will take you to helpful information designed to help you share and learn best use and care practices.

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Learn best use and care practices for enteral feeding tube users and their caregivers.

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Users or caregivers can talk one-on-one with each other to share best use & care practices

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Users or caregivers can share videos about MIC*/MIC-KEY* tubes