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As a CSSD employee, protection for yourself and your team should be a priority made possible by the latest, most innovative materials.

That’s why O&M Halyard is dedicated to providing a full range of single-use infection prevention solutions that help contain Halyard has all the innovative materials you need to protect yourself and your patients.

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The new Purple Standard for Protection

Purple stands for protection – this is proven once again by HALYARD with the introduction of the PURPLE NITRILE* MAX, the latest product in our single-use examination glove range, which is specifically designed to give CSSD workers the extra protection they need. PURPLE NITRILE* MAX is durable, easy to put on and take off and also offers several key safety features such as an extended 400mm cuff, increased weight, thicker fingertips and fully roughened fingertips and palm. With PURPLE NITRILE* MAX, CSSD workers get the protection they need in their daily work.

Face Shields that Offer Protection and Comfort

HALYARD* face screens now feature a wide elastic headband that holds the screen comfortably in place. The foam front and the condensation-free clear screen provide protection and optimal vision.

Confidence you can see

QUICK CHECK* patented design with two contrasting layers – translucent and opaque – bonded together, help save time inspecting trays.

Quick Check Sterilisation Wrap has a balance of properties that work together to aid in ideal wrap performance. The result is confidence you can see, helping to save time and money while protecting patients from infection.

  • Up to 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency via patented POWERGUARD* Technology
  • Patented DAISY DESIGN* Bond Pattern aids in strength, provides abrasion resistance, and allows for optimal sterilant penetration and evacuation
  • Proprietary manufacturing process produces superior strength in both directions
  • Low linting as measured by the Gelbo Lint Test

Reliable Design - Simple solution!

HALYARD* SMART-FOLD* sterilisation packaging material is specially designed for intensive use. The impact-resistant material and three-layer reinforcement protect your heaviest trays and borrowed sets from tears and cuts during handling.

POWERGUARD* technology

HALYARD* sterilisation packaging material is treated with POWERGUARD* technology, which applies localised electrical charges to the SMS sterilisation packaging material. These localised charges improve the filtration efficiency of suspended particles of the HALYARD* sterilisation packaging material, as measured by the BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) test. Even after sterilisation, handling and storage, the POWERGUARD* treatment retains this unique ability to capture and retain bacteria.

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