Pandemic Preparedness

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Reliability you can trust

Learn more about our Respirator Preparedness Program and how we can offer you a service where reliable, high volume, rapid response supply of respirators for routine use, pandemic outbreaks, seasonal flu or other emergency responses are provided. You can also contact one of our Sales Representatives to start planning ahead and secure your supply of respirators or request a respirator sample.

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Reliability you can trust


FFP P2 Filtering Half Mask


  • PPE CAT III certified respirators provide the highest level of protection against occupational health hazards and diseases
  • Compliant with PPE Regulation 2016/425 as Personal Protective Equipment
  • Soft inner lining provides a softer and smoother feeling on the skin for enhanced comfort
  • Safety seal provides an additional safety measure to prevent air leaks around the mask edges
  • 100% natural rubber latex-free reducing the likelihood of irritation and allergies



Reliable supply chain

Reliable Supply Chain

Reliability you can trust

  • Vertical Integration controls the full supply chain from raw materials to delivery
  • In-house manufactured respirators - competitors mostly source their products from Asia
  • Proven proprietary manufacturing processes and technology
  • Consistency & Reliability in supply
  • Transparency in manufacturing and supply chain
  • Experience with over 8,500 Owens & Minor employed manufacturing teammates worldwide
  • Strategically located distribution centers provides full coverage for the EMEA region
    • 4 EMEA warehouses / distribution centers
      • Antwerp (Belgium)
      • Frankfurt (Germany)
      • Kells (Ireland)
      • Germiston (South Africa)





Halyard respirators deliver these features:





Quality Check

  1. SAFETY is our priority
    Achieving a good facial fit when using a respirator is essential to ensure adequate protection. 

  2. COMFORT is essential
    As respirators are sometimes worn for several hours in healthcare settings, finding a balance between protection and comfort is important. 

  3. QUALITY is mandatory
    We hold ourselves to higher standards. Our high-quality, clinically superior respirators are known and trusted. Upholding stringent compliance with International and European standards.
    • FFP2: Product CE marked as per PPE Regulation 2016/425 PPE Classification: PPE Category III

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