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Every CSSD technician and patient should benefit from the protection offered by the latest, most innovative materials available.

This is why Halyard Health is committed to providing a full line of single-use infection control solutions to prevent the spread of infections among patients and staff. Halyard has the innovative materials you need to protect yourself and your patients.
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Do you want to experience how you and your patients can benefit from the new HALYARD* CSSD product? Don’t hesitate, submit the form below and we get in touch:






Once again, HALYARD proves “purple means protection” with the introduction of PURPLE NITRILE* MAX, the newest member of our single-use exam glove family designed specifically to meet the increased protection needs of CSSD technicians. Durable, easy-to-don PURPLE NITRILE* MAX offers several critical safety features, including a longer 400mm length, heavier weight, thicker fingertips and fully textured fingertips and palm. With PURPLE NITRILE* MAX, CSSD technicians can be sure they’re getting the protection they require within their everyday, environment.

QUICK CHECK INTERLEAVED* Sequential Sterilisation Wrap with KIMGUARD* Technology is the fast, easy way to ensure that instrument sterility is uncompromised. It’s easy to see what sets it apart. With two colours of sequential wrap — white and blue — inspecting trays is easier and faster than ever. And it allows you to colour code your trays for easy identification, too! For example, blue on the outside can identify one type of surgical instrument tray. And white for another!

HALYARD* SMART-FOLD* Sterilisation wrap has been designed with your toughest tasks in mind. Its impact-resistant fabric and triple-layer reinforcement zones are engineered to protect your heaviest trays and loaner sets from tears and cuts in handling.



All HALYARD* sterilisation wrap features the POWERGUARD* Technology which incorporates a stabilised charge in the fibres of the wrap so that the treated fabric captures the bacteria during the sterilisation process. This helps prevent the bacteria passing through the fabric and on to the sterilised devices and instruments, even after being challenged with steam.

Click here to discover our CSSD Bundle Brochure