HALYARD* Custom Procedure Trays

As you evolve, so do we.

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By working seamlessly with your team to deliver CPTs (Custom Procedure Trays), we can provide a responsive, proactive service to provide what your OR (Operating Room) needs, right when you need it. This lies at the heart of improved efficiency in the OR where patient flow is uninterrupted and theatre usage is maximized. By taking a broader view and being involved through close collaboration we go beyond simply reducing set-up time. We work with your hospital as a whole to create a smoother transition from ward-to-discharge minimizing delays or downtime. It’s making a significant impact on customers who are already benefiting from our innovative way of working.

The HALYARD* brand is known for quality, innovation and a focus on what healthcare customers need. Now that’s what you can expect from HALYARD* Custom Procedure Trays, an innovative CPT solution designed to assure you a reliable supply of the trays you need now - and for the long term.

Unmatched surgical portfolio

In addition to best-in-class products, we have a fully tiered portfolio to meet your clinical and financial needs at every level.

Better supply chain control

Our unique CPT manufacturing plant located in Ireland and broad supply chain for key components give you greater peace of mind.

Reliable supply even in times of crisis

With gowns and drapes made in our own plants using our own fabric, we have the proven ability to ramp up quickly to meet demand during disasters and health crises.