NEW RECEPTAL® Twist – safety and convenience at your service

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As part of our continuous efforts to improve safety during the handling of waste contaminated liquids, Owens & Minor Halyard, the sole distributor (for France, Benelux, Germany, UK) of the RECEPTAL surgical suction portfolio, is proud to announce, the launch of a brand new product: RECEPTAL® Twist. The RECEPTAL® Twist liner is a patented all-in-one waste fluid collection and solidifier solution available in 1,5 and 2 L sizes, in both VAC-GARD* and non-VAC-GARD* options. Here are a few of the features that makes of Twist a solid solution for your needs:

  • Premeasured, preloaded and contact-free solidifier bottle that is built into the liner lid for hassle free solidifier administration and waste fluid containment.
  • Integrated solidifier that eliminates the need for open ports, creating a closed system that helps minimize contact with solidifier powder and waste fluid contaminates for better caregiver safety.
  • All-in-one solidifier and liner solution that reduces costs associated with extra inventory needed to carry separate liners and solidifying agents, clean up and potential waste due to solidifier over-measuring.
  • 100% leak tested seamless liners that minimize risk of contamination.
  • Latex-free, BPA-free and Non-sterile.

Engineered with safety and convenience in mind, the intuitive Twist design is simple to use: just one twist and done! After a procedure, simply twist the integrated and preloaded solidifier bottle at the top of the lid clockwise 180° to easily and safely release the solidifier into the liner. The Twist eliminates the need to open ports, creating a closed system where waste fluid is safe, sealed, solid and ready for disposal.

If you want to learn more about our brand new product or if you want to receive a sample, contact your sales representative.